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 Ashtanga Viniyoga

with Ian Johannessen

In Hertfordshire

Absolute Beginners Welcome​

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Yoga is for Everyone

....but every body is different

Everyone can have a yoga practice regardless of age, gender, body type or lifestyle. Every body has unique characteristics which will change over time. Viniyoga is a tradition of adapting yoga to the individual and their circumstances.

Having your own teacher will enable you to develop your own practice productively, conveniently, and without injury.

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A personalised approach to Traditional Yoga

For individuals & small groups


 Ashtanga Viniyoga

Ashtanga Viniyoga is not a separate style of yoga but a different approach to teaching traditional Ashtanga. The intention is to be more inclusive.
The word Vini means adapt.
The Viniyoga teaching method accommodates individuals by modifying poses. The emphasis being on function rather than form. Making the practice more effective for different body types.

Traditional Indian Yoga

The origins of Viniyoga are drawn directly from the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya who is considered the grandfather of yoga as we know it in the West. Krishnamacharya taught Pattabi Jois, who founded the school of Ashtanga yoga and B.K.S Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar yoga.

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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a vigorous & rigourous style of yoga. It is the original dynamic yoga that many other styles of yoga are based on.
Using the breath, Ashtanga flows between a set sequence of postures.
Ashtanga builds strength and flexibility in equal parts. It allows the student to develop their own practice which can be done independently or with other Ashtanga yogis all over the world.

What to expect in an Ashtanga Viniyoga class

After setting your intention for the lesson we will practice postures based on the Ashtanga primary series, which will be taught to you one posture at a time and modified as applicable.
The class will also include the teaching of breathing techniques that give the practice its mediative quality.

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